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18th October 2019 Summit

“Owning the mindset change”

Changing mindsets through co-creative leadership.  Just consider, if women participated in the UK economy as much as men, it would add £600 billion GDP by 2025.  This equates to 0.7% additional GDP annual growth for the next 10 years.

Leadership mindset sets the tone for organisational culture and performance.  Command and control does not work for transformational change, yet most leaders and organisations rely still on it.

Changing mindsets needs a new leadership style, one of co-creating.  A co-creative leadership style catalyses the conditions for successful work performance transformation.  See Summit brochure right...

Co-creating refers to working with people and circumstances, whereas command and control refers to gaining power over and control of people and circumstances.  Co-creating is defined as “people working together, across boundaries, to produce win-win-win results";

  • Organisational alignment with local control of local decisions
  • Massive information dissemination in all directions so the entire organisation participates intelligently
  • Transcending hierarchical and functional boundaries with integrated mindset change plans
  • Common, aligned change goals throughout the organisation
  • Constant learning and course correcting change plans
  • Credible leaders people trust as they march into the unknown

People’s fundamental ways of thinking, behaving, and working must change as the organisation’s culture develops.  For these reasons, transformational change process can be facilitated but only if the change leaders become “co-creative.”

Debating these issues throughout the morning are;

Bruce Daisley

Vice President EMEA, Twitter 

David Landsman

Managing Director, Tata Group Europe 

Betsy Bassis

Director General & COO, Defra 

Arvinder Mudhar

CIO, Brit Insurance 

Andy Williams

Global CIO, Havi 

Angus MacGregor


Ray Carneiro

Head of Location & Property Strategy, RBS 

Intimate afternoon round table sessions

​The afternoon features four intimate round table sessions offering deeper dives into the issues challenging all organisations, including;

Round table 1 Round table 2 Round table 3 Round table 4
Understanding productivity – According to ONS, UK productivity is down 19% over the last decade.  This provokes 4 questions – why is productivity down – what can we learn from each other – what needs to change – how to manage the changes?  Simply, what are the positive steps going forward? Owning mindset change – Consider, if women took part in UK economy as much as men, it would add £600 billion GDP by 2025, equal to 0.7% extra GDP growth.  This mindset change needs a new co-creating leadership style.  Co-creative leadership drives the conditions for successful work performance.  How can leaders become “co-creative?” Workplace Sustainability – Digital technology is helping companies sweep barriers aside.  Sustainability platforms capture all types of data, from energy and social value and apps help engage employees, measure team performance and maximise workspace utilisation.

Workplace Evolutionaries are a coalescing of thought leaders & disruptive thinkers in the workplace arena to identify a higher strategic value from work. The community is formed of emboldened individuals to shape a formula for improved work interaction and integration. If you're a disruptive thinker or innovator in the workplace field, then join our community

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