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Sensing knowledge worker productivity

Work&Place have just published this fascinating article by John Blackwell that considers the correlations between knowledge worker productivity, employee engagement, and talent retention.

The knowledge worker phenomenon – those who generate value with their minds more than with their muscle – has emerged over the last two decades and now constitutes a rapidly increasing 60% of the workforce.  Yet, to-date this hugely important resource has largely been treated in the same way as any other worker.

The value of a top knowledge worker cannot be underestimated.  Google estimates that the business impact of its top 1% performers can be 300 times that of the average employee.

With thirty percent of all our food consumption being devoted to powering the brain – the key muscle of knowledge workers, and only 44% find their current workplace design optimised for productivity, the needs of this business-critical resource thoroughly deserves fresh examination.

Drawing on the seminal research report, “Creating today’s workplace for tomorrow’s talent”, this article explores the core challenges of this work style and offers six compelling takeaways to make a difference.  Read the article here...