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New research report "Time for a gear change"

Our new research report "Time for a gear change" has just been released.  It primarily focuses on the automotive sector however it has considerable lessons for all industry sectors.

A précis of the report is available via this link and a full copy of the 79-page report (normal valued £200) is available free to everyone who books on our 5th October Smartworking Summit.
It’s a study of a sector under huge change pressures – regulatory, new entrants, working practices, et al – and this offers messages for all organisations.
This report explores the core factors affecting productivity including; levels of engagement, talent retention, quality of life, and more.
The sector is facing massive VUCA disrupters including;
  • Spiralling demand from new markets (the China market is already bigger than the next 3 markets combined),
  • New entrants coming from not only from Tesla but also from Apple, Google, Intel, Samsung, and possibly even Microsoft,
  • A future power train debate – full electric power, hybrid power, hydrogen fuel cell, LPG, or even new generation high efficiency internal combustion engines?
  • An emissions scandal that’s still resonating.
And against this backdrop, there’s rapidly changing talent dynamics as the sector transitions from a blue collar to a white collar workforce and in many cases, the labour market has been stripped.