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New report "Time's up for IT and Property Directors"

This explosive research study (click here to download) looks at dwindling productivity, down by an untenable 17% over the last decade and explores what industry is doing about it.  The report headlines include;

  • Business has lost patience with their support functions and is seizing control of over 75% of IT and Property budgets,
  • Workforces are distracted by a torrent of; workplace changes; irrelevant technologies; and unstructured HR programmes, each delivered in splendid isolation,
  • Staff are interrupted and switch tasks every 3 minutes – once distracted it takes half an hour to resume the original task.These interruptions sap 42% of the working day,
  • 75% of the brightest talent are leaving their organisations inside 2 years, sighting being disillusioned with the calibre of management and frustrated with their unproductive, poorly optimised workplace design,

Amongst the recommendations are;

  • Slim down, shape up, and merge IT and Property support functions into the business,
  • Business leaders must balance longer-term workplace investment with short-term strategies,
  • Support functions must reinforce common goals, build relationships, and connect to a deep understanding of the desired business outcomes,
  • We can’t train our way out of this – there’s going to be huge turmoil for those who hang onto deep-rooted traditional property/technology skills,

It’s essential to plan and execute an analytic-led program, not a project - people and their jobs are involved.  This report's compelling findings will help everyone address rapidly evolving workplaces.