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7th March 2018 Smartworking Summit

“With organisations struggling to keep newly hired talent beyond two years, how well do they understand the workforce?"

What sort of workplace should we expect in the future?  How will automation affect jobs?  How benign is the so-called gig economy?  What does it take to create “better” work?

When self-employment growth started after the global crisis, it was believed that people were choosing self-employment because there were no jobs available.  But, as the economy improved, self-employment is continuing to rise.  Our research has shown that there’s 5 million people currently working in the UK gig economy or around 15.6% of the total workforce.

More people are working post retirement age and wanting to work in a way that they can control.  There’s increasing numbers who simply want more autonomy in their lives in the way that self-employment can offer.  New digital platforms make far it easier for people to work in exactly the way they want.  See the Summit brochure right...

The challenge is to make sure that we exploit that opportunity to give people the kind of work they want, in the circumstances they want, in a way that is fair and sustainable.

Faced with growing demands for genuine diversity, the gig economy, the ‘retirement age’ being consigned to history, and needs for greater neurodiversity, etc, do executives understand where talent is coming from?

Throughout the morning, this Summit explores how well do organisations understand today's talent landscape?  Debating this issues are...

Paul Pester


Sir Tim Smit

Co-Founder, the Eden Project

Clare Barclay

COO, Microsoft 

Andy Bates

Executive Director, Global Cyber Alliance 


Ralph Tribe

Chief People Officer, Ascential 

Neil Hildreth

Director Real Estate & IFM, Huawei Technologies 

Intimate afternoon round table sessions

​The afternoon features four intimate round table sessions offering deeper dives into the issues challenging all organisations, including;

Round table 1 Round table 2 Round table 3 Round table 4
Understanding the changing business model AI in the workplace Owning the mindset change Workplace Evolutionaries
Capturing the leading disruptive
thinking to reinvent work

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Regus is the leading global provider of serviced office space, virtual offices, co-working spaces, and meeting rooms in centres.

Verizon provides telecommunication and internet services that drive performance in your extended enterprise.

Global Cyber Alliance works together as a community to eradicate systemic cyber risk and unite organisations for a common good.

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