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20th June 2018 Smartworking Summit

“AI in the workplace"

Rethinking work in the face of enlightened automation.

Recent rapid technological advances in digitization and analytics have been reshaping the business landscape, supercharging performance, and enabling new innovations.  Yet progress is uneven.  Many companies struggle to harness the power of these technologies, however those that are fully leveraging the capabilities are capturing disproportionate benefits, transforming their businesses and outpacing – and occasionally disrupting their competition.

At the same time technology itself continues to rapidly evolve, bringing new advances in robotics, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and especially machine learning.  Together they are a step change in capabilities that are having profound implications for business, the economy, and for society as a whole.

Machines increasingly outstrip human performance in a range of work activities, including those that require cognitive capabilities, learning, making tacit judgments, sensing emotion, and even driving – activities that used to be considered safe from automation.

Such technologies bring significant productivity gains and transformational benefits that go beyond notions of substituting labour and lead to previously unimagined breakthrough performance and outcomes.

Throughout the morning, this Summit explores the challenges of enlightened automation?  Debating this issues are...

 Richard Branson

Chairman, Virgin Group

Matt Meyer

CEO, Taylor Vinters 


 ​Bhaskar Dasgupta

Chief Operating Officer, UK Export Finance 

David Plumb

Chief Digital Officer, Telefonica 

Neil Morrison

HR Director, Severn Trent 

Neil Hildreth

Director Real Estate & IFM, Huawei 

 John Blackwell - chairing the day

Managing Director, Quora 

Intimate afternoon round table sessions

​The afternoon features four intimate round table sessions offering deeper dives into the issues challenging all organisations, including;

Round table 1 Round table 2 Round table 3 Round table 4
Understanding the changing business model AI in the workplace Owning the mindset change Workplace Evolutionaries
Capturing the leading disruptive
thinking to reinvent work


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