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28th September 2017 Summit

“Understanding workplace productivity”

People are messy … not in a physical sense of having a messy desk, etc … but in the sense that every single person on the planet is different.  We all have individual likes, dislikes, preferences, tolerances, indulgences, etc - a truly messy combination of quirks and eccentricities that combine to make productive work a highly individual matter.

And this individuality lies at the heart of why organisations struggle to crack the code for improving productivity, especially for those whose jobs consist primarily of interactions with other employees, customers, and suppliers, and involve complex decision-making based on knowledge and judgment.

However, over 50% of all interactions are constrained by one of four barriers – physical and technicalsocial or culturalcontextual – temporal.

Making matters worse, most executives have a hazy understanding of what it takes to bolster productivity, especially for knowledge workers who now constitute a rapidly growing 60% of the workforce.

Equally, performance metrics can be hard to come by in knowledge work, making it challenging to drive improvement efforts, which often lack a clear owner in the first place.  Unsurprisingly, many organisations settle for scattershot investments in productivity improvement and the results are equally haphazard

  • Only 30% of employees consider their workplace is configured to optimise productivity
  • Just 20% state that changes at their organisation are tracked and measured

With UK productivity down by 17% over the last decade, this Summit explores how leading organisations are responding to the changing nature of work...

 Emma Walmsey

CEO, GlaxoSmithKline

 Iain Coucher

CEO, Atomic Weapons Establishment 

 Mark Walley

Chief Executive Officer EMEA RICS 

 Colin Miles

CTO, Virgin Media 

 Catrina Smith

Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright 

 Elisa Nardi


 Anthony Wiltshire

Director of Workspace & Facilities UK & Ireland, Edelman 

The afternoon features four intimate round table sessions offering deeper dives into the issues challenging all organisations, including;

Round table 1 Round table 2 Round table 3 Round table 4
Understanding the employee lifecycle journey Workplace technologies - an enabler for change Understanding workplace productivity Corporate sustainability beyond compliance

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Asure Software (NASDAQ: ASUR), a global provider of time, labour, and workspace management solutions

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