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The future of work.... deserves clear thinking

About us

Who we are

Founded in 2002 we are an independent consultancy devoid of any preconceived agenda.  We are a global firm, headquartered in the UK, with operations in North America based in Seattle and Pacific Rim based in Sydney.

Our forte is transforming work practices and workplaces using Quora’s Work Excellence Platform™ to focus on improving productivity and controlling costs.

Our consultants each have direct experience of transforming business performance with their prior organisations including: ARM Holdings, BG Group, BMW, BOC, Citi, Dentons, GEC, Hewlett Packard, IBM, MCI, Pearson Group, Unilever, and Virgin Group.

Through our long-term commitment to a network of six leading universities, we have a symbiotic relationship where they develop our Work Experience Platform and we provide them with insights from the corporate coal-face to steer their research.

Our operations fall into three areas:

  • Consulting with leading organisations to help frontline leaders focus their limited resources on critical workplace transformation.
  • Committed to thought-leadership research into work ecosystems – publishing 8-10 compelling reports each year, and to-date we have released over 100 titles.  Alongside our generic publications, we design bespoke research for organisations including: BBC, Mitie, Regus, Unilever, Vodafone, et al.
  • We’re noted for staging award winning Smartworking Summits at the Royal Society of Arts, London.  Each year, they attract 500+ senior executives to hear ‘unplugged’ industry leaders openly debating the changing nature of work.

The bottom line is we provide organisations with the clarity to ensure optimal investments are made in transforming productivity and ensure they avoid solving the wrong problem really well.


The future of work.... is today

That times are uncertain and changing is beyond question – and whenever there’s change, there comes huge pressure on business leaders to get it right, and to do so first time.

Business leaders can no longer make decisions based on ‘gut reaction’, ‘past experience’, and ‘best guess’ – second chances do not come along today.

At Quora, we passionately believe in supporting our clients on a journey of achievable transformation, something that we commonly find business leaders struggle to grasp.

Ours is a simultaneous head, heart, and hands voyage driven by Quora’s Work Excellence Platform™ that takes organisations to new work futures that are not necessarily defined today.  Along the way, we create a far more engaged, happier, and productive workforce.  And in turn, this enthusiasm enhances attraction, recruitment and retention of the very best and brightest talent.

Our aim is to continually inform clients, to help focus their limited resources, prioritise their workplace investments, and ultimately avoid solving the wrong problem really well.


Our Credentials

Our clients truly span all size and every industry, from public to private sector, from automotive to charity, from financial to pharmaceutical, from law firm to rail firm, from mobile telco to medical, from underwriters to utilities, from global corporate to start-up.

Here’s just a few of the better-known names that we have collaborated with and provided successful future solutions.


…Quora raised the bar across the entire company, enabling us to have clarity of focus on what was needed and, in doing so, uplifted the performance of the entire organisation to new levels.  With Quora’s help, we substantially increased output per head, markedly lifted profitability, but most exceptionally, strikingly reduced project time…

Group HR Director, Jaguar Land Rover

"...Quora’s analytics ‘shifted the performance needle’ far further & faster than any other intervention we’ve tried…

VP, New Ways of Working, Unilever

…Quora occupies the high ground of understanding today's work complexity, spanning CEO, CFO, CHRO, CIO, and Property interests…

CEO Commercial Projects, BBC

"…Quora delivered a truly inspirational, thought-provoking work transformation, exemplar consulting…

COO, Royal & Sun Alliance

"…Quora provide terrific learning & experience, which is not available anywhere else – at any price…"

Vice President Group Real Estate, EE

...Quora's Summit far exceeded my expectations - the speakers were all thought-provoking & fired my imagination.  A first class use of my time...

Director of the Government Property Unit

…Quora brings an intellectual empathy and deep seated understanding about today’s rapidly changing work ecosystem that is beyond any other consultancy – a true peer leader…

Global Managing Director, Workplace Services, CBRE




By assimilating their KPIs, metrics and content into Quora’s Work Excellence Platform® repositories, our partners are making visible their distinct performance advantages.  Organisations that are adopting the Quora’s Work Excellence Platform® can instantly tap into their wide range of advanced solutions for changing their work practices and workplace in real-time.

Sodexo is the world's largest services company and is committed to improving the quality of life for its clients, customers, and employees.

Employing over 420,000 people in 80 countries and delivering over 100 different services, this scale allows Sodexo to provide clients with a unique and unrivalled proposition that brings together best practice and innovation from around the world and localises it to meet specific client objectives, meaning clients really do benefit from its global presence.

Services delivered by Sodexo improve quality of life and boost productivity by focusing on six key areas;

*  Health and wellbeing - promoting a healthy lifestyle through a well-balanced diet and exercise
*  Ease and efficiency - providing services that enable people to work smoothly, focused on their core business
*  Recognition - helping to make people feel truly valued and fully engaged
*  Physical environment - improving comfort and health & safety at work and striving to optimise the total cost of buildings
*  Social interaction - fostering a sense of community and belonging to enable greater collaboration, commitment, and creativity
*  Personal growth - empowering and supporting people to learn and develop

The 34,000-strong UK & Ireland team provide services to public and private sector clients, with specialist teams ensuring Sodexo is able to be more sensitive and more responsive to client needs.

Asure Software (NASDAQ: ASUR), a global provider of time, labour, and workspace management solutions

The global market leader with recognised expertise in the development, manufacturing and application of innovative (LED) lighting solutions.

Enabling leaders to get the best out of their teams.

Lane4 - expert in the field of human performance, helping individuals & teams achieve their fullest potential.

Work anywhere: NearDesk lets you rent desk space by the minute.

The only awarding body able to award Chartered Manager status – the ultimate management consulting accolade.

The Strategic Management Forum - advancing the professional practice of strategic management