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Analytic-driven consulting

It is beyond doubt that the nature of work and our surrounding society is changing at an unprecedented pace. With over 100 unique published research reports to-date, we offer the most inclusive understanding of today’s work ecosystem bar none and passionately understand that, in response to this volatility, it’s a commercial imperative to seize every opportunity to respond.

Uniquely spanning all functions, from HR, IT, Property and Management Culture, we approach transforming business by ensuring all work in unison to maximise the shift in performance.  Our unparalleled research, coupled with Quora’s Work Excellence Platform™ lets us model complex work settings and deliver decisive actions for optimising productivity and costs to Net Present Value inside 4-5 weeks.

We provide business leaders with risk-mitigated decision clarity on the impact of interventions prior to investment.  We focus your scarce resources on enhancing talent retention, refining space utilisation, prioritising technology deployment, and changing mindsets.

For organisations on this journey, our business outcomes are unwaveringly focused on optimising productivity and controlling costs. In a business world typified by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, we help you avoid solving the wrong problem really well.


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Preparing for a Different Tomorrow

Quora Library

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Releasing 8-10 new reports/year, and with a library of over 100 publications available to-date, we are without doubt the world’s most prolific authority in the field of work practice change.

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Smartworking Summits

Smartworking Summits

Our award-winning Summits occupy a truly unique position in offering PowerPoint-free and vendor-free access to unplugged industry leaders spanning all board functions.

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